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Club Repairs - Are Your Clubs Worse For Wear?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Has your favourite driver or putter seen better days?

Image Of A Broken Golf Club

Do you need your set re-gripped so you can again rip away to your full potential?

Is your favourite 5 iron shaft bent?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you are in urgent need of repairs, because if your clubs aren't in good shape then your game will most certainly be suffering.

Now for the good news. Forster Tuncurry Golf Driving Range and Water Golf has the facilities available to cater to your needs. We offer free pickup and delivery for all repair work in the local Forster Tuncurry area and near surrounds. We guarantee a fast and effective, quality assured service that will have you back in the swing in the shortest possible timeframe.

Back to manufacturer warranties and insurance work can be taken care of with a minimum of fuss to you the client.


Please be advised that we will only venture to carry out repair work on genuine merchandise and it is assured that we will in turn only supply genuine replacement products. This means that anything brought in for repair which is found to be counterfeit will not be worked on. We will in no way be associated with illegally produced equipment which may in turn support other criminal enterprises. We also strongly advise that before purchasing golfing equipment online, you first be advised by a professional authorised dealer. We have advised you of this because it has been proven that a large proportion of equipment brought via the internet is found to be fake and therefore of inferior quality. So why take the risk if the saving you make now may cost you dearly in future?

Our Guarantee

You will have guarenteed peace of mind when purchasing equipment from our store as we are a registered, authorised dealer. We fully guarantee that all of the products we sell are the genuine article which includes manufacturer warranty and replacement as specified by individual manufacturer warranty terms and conditions. Ask us about this at time of purchase.