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Water Golf - Fun For Everyone!

Image of people playing watergolf at Forster - Tuncurry Gold Driving Range Ans Water Golf

About Water Golf

Bring your friends, bring the kids, bring the whole family!

Practicing golf, and the game of golf in itself can be fun for all ages, and at Forster Tuncurry Golf Driving Range and Water Golf, we pride ourselves in providing a family friendly venue that all ages can enjoy.

Water Golf is a great way to get the kids off the couch, away from the remote control and into some good old fashioned outdoor activity. That's right - no power points required!

We provide the clubs and you give them permission to go wild.

Parents - Be Aware!

  1. After Water Golf, children may appear more tired than they actually are
  2. Starting a child at a sport early has been proven to produce the best chances of a mega star. This may keep you accustomed to the finer things in life should age become a factor for you - you know you deserve the finer things - right!
  3. And a quick note on the serious side - children should be supervised at all times


There are prizes on offer for hitting Water Golf targets including:

  • The Jackpot Cash Prize
  • Other varied amount cash prizes
  • Adult and Junior Prize Target (check the front counter for details)
  • A retry bucket allowing for another chance at the Jackpot Cash!

Individual Prices

  • Clubs - FREE
  • Smiles - FREE
  • Water Golf - $10.00 a bucket / 4 buckets for $35.00 (one size only)
  • Soft drinks, chips and other goodies - see store for details

The Awesome Family Fun Package Deal

We are now offering a value packed Family package deal consisting of:

  • 4 x buckets of Water Golf Balls
  • 4 x Putt Putt Golf course entries
  • Entire Package Deal - $60.00

Please Note: The Awesome Family Package Deal must be purchased in a single payment transaction prior to commencement of the package as a whole.